Our Group Awards

Laial ARC 13

Qatar Foundation’s 2nd Place Best Poster Award under the category of “Energy & Environment” during Qatar Foundation’s Annual Research Conference (ARC’13) for my MSc student Laial Bani Nassr, (Doha, Qatar November 2013).

Sasol Travel Award

Sasol’s Travel Award for the Graduate Students Researcher in GTL (Graduate students received US$10,000 travel award to attend the Shale Gas Monetization Workshop in Montgomery, Texas (March 2014).

Shell Qatar Travel

Qatar Shell’s award for Undergraduate Research Students in Shale Gas Monetization Dr. Elbashir’s graduate and undergraduate research students received US$10,000 Travel Award, (March 2014).

Samah Warrag Ewing

Texas A&M University 2014 Richard E. Ewing Graduate Student Research Excellence Award (May 2014) to Samah Warrag. Dr. Elbashir’s MSc student).

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