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The ORYX GTL – Gas-to-Liquid Excellence Program

In its efforts to support the mission of preparing highly skilled engineers and technical staff to lead and operate Qatar’s world-class industrial facilities, ORYX GTL has agreed to become the founding supporter of a Gas-to-Liquid Excellence Program at TAMUQ, the ORYX GTL – Gas-to-Liquid Excellence Program.

The ORYX GTL – Gas-to-Liquid Excellence Program Objectives:

Advance Qatar’s leading role in the gas-to-liquid (GTL) field and build teaching, training and research excellence in natural gas processing for value-added chemicals and fuels.

Enhance collaboration between ORYX GTL and TAMUQ in terms of service, research, training and recruitment programs.

Facilitate the training of highly skilled engineers and technical staff to lead the GTL field within Qatar.

Provide professional services and training courses within Qatar in areas relevant to GTL.

Develop courses/programs for training highly-skilled engineers, technicians and other staff in the area of GTL as well as synthetic fuels characterization and processing.

Support Qatar’s 2030 vision in building human and research capital in the clean energy field.

Main pillars of the program

Examples of service and research

  • Formulate and characterize GTL synthetic fuels and chemicals
  • Develop new generation products from ORYX GTL syn-crude
  • Investigate techno-economic assessments of GTL related products and processes
  • Investigate energy integration and optimization for the GTL process
  • Consider byproducts and waste treatment
  • Encourage and support process safety

Teaching, and training

  • Develop special courses and training programs within TAMUQ
  • Establish student internship programs in ORYX GTL
  • Enhance student research experiences in TAMUQ
  • Establish special GTL programs for graduate students of TAMUQ
  • Support ORYX GTL recruitment efforts

Community service

  • Support ORYX GTL Community Awareness Programs about GTL and the global search for cleaner energy
  • Support Qatar’s 2030 Vision

ORYX GTL Excellence Program Impact on Qataris

Qatar Nationals Supported by the ORYX GTL Excellence Program 2016

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