On February 3 and 4, 2019, the NPRP-Exception Proposal project Annual General meeting was conducted at Texas A&M university at Qatar. Prof. Tobin Marks and Patrick Littlewood flew in from Chicago to attend this meeting. A strong delegation from TOTAL including Daniel Curulla-Ferre, Olivier Miserque, Alessandro Chieregato, Nelly Catherin, Raphael Le-Gall, Nikolai Nesterenko flew into Doha to attend this meeting. Prof. Peter Stair, Prof. Eric Weitz, Prof. Dragomir Bukur and Dingdi Wang attended the meeting over teleconference from United States. Dr. Parakalan Krishnamachari from QNRF also attended the final day of the meeting. There was a nice discussion on the progress made so far and also the tasks to be accomplished in the near future. There was a general agreement between all the stakeholders and also QNRF that the project was progressing very well. A group  photo from the project meeting can be seen below:

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