Shell Qatar Travel

Qatar Shell’s award for Undergraduate Research Students in Shale Gas Monetization Dr. Elbashir’s graduate and undergraduate research students received US$10,000 Travel Award, (March 2014).

Samah Warrag Ewing

Texas A&M University 2014 Richard E. Ewing Graduate Student Research Excellence Award (May 2014) to Samah Warrag. Dr. Elbashir’s MSc student).

Fuels and Energy ACS

Recognition from the Fuels and Energy Division of the American Chemical Society for the “High   Quality   Research   Contribution”   for   a   poster   presented   by   Dr.   Elbashir’s undergraduate students “Maria Orillano and Haider Ramdhan” during the Spring...

Best Research Team 2012

Dr. Elbashir’s undergraduate research team   (Maria Orillano, Dhabia Al-Mohanadi, Haider Ramadahan, Abulhasanat Jahanur; and Mariam Al-Meer ) received the Chemical Engineering Program Best Research Team of the Year (April 2012).

Third Gas Processing Symposium

Dr. Elbashir’s    research  team    (Maria  Orillano,  Dhabia  Al-Mohanadi,  Haider  Ramadahan, Abulhasanat Jahanur; and Mariam Al-Meer, Elfatih Elmalik) were awarded the First Place Best Poster Prize (US$1,000) in the Third International Gas Processing Symposium held...

Scientific Visualisation

Dr. Nimir Elbashir and Abulhasant Jahanur won the First Place Award (US$6,000 Award) in the Fourth Scientific Visualization Competition sponsored by Qatar Foundation & Texas A&M Qatar University for developing 2-Dimentioanl (2-D) and 3D visualization models to...