UPDATE: The novel CARGEN™ technology developed by our research group is available for licensing from the Qatar Foundation.

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CARGEN™ technology utilizes greenhouse gases (GHGs, i.e., CO2 and CH4) to produce CNTs and syngas (a mixture of H2 and CO). CARGEN™ technology not only presents a potential economic incentive of significant cost reduction of CNT manufacturing, but it also brings significant sustainability benefit of converting large amounts of waste CO2 emissions to solid stable product, i.e.; CNTs. While addressing the global challenge of CO2 emission, this cutting-edge technology brings relevance to the need of this generation- ie; minimizing the cost of CNT production and making mass CNT production a possible commercial reality. CARGEN™ not only delivers to the market of CNT manufacturing but also produces syngas for downstream processing plants like Fischer Tropsch synthesis, Methanol, Hydrogen, etc. Several scientific and technical studies from our group (listed below) have demonstrated proof of concept, scale-up results, and life cycle assessment (LCA) results of the CARGEN™. In these publications and reports, we demonstrate that CARGEN™ can reduce the operating cost of the existing GTL reforming processes by 40%, while also minimizing their CO2 emission by 45%. Moreover, since the co-reactant is CO2, its conversion and capture can bring significant economic incentives. Currently, the CARGEN™ technology is capable to produce CNTs at the rate of 100 grams/month, while the development of the 1 kg/month unit is underway. The CNT sample produced from CARGEN™ has been tested, validated, and compared with commercial quality by several global R&D laboratories.

List of publications and patents:

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